Monday, 22 May 2017

Monday inspirational post Obstacle- a stepping stone to greatness

When one pursue his/her dream, there must be an obstacle on the way. A lot of people have a very big dream ,and try to actualize such dreams but as they encounter certain bound obstacles they give up easily.

Obstacles, Challenges and so on are what makes you stronger. Taking gold as a case study, it can only be purified when it has passed through water?? No what then FIRE. The actual value of gold cannot be appreciated without purification and for it to be purified, it must pass through fire which does not destroys it, but makes it priceless.

Why then do u feel like giving up just because of obstacles you that are hindering you from achieving your aim?.  When you face obstacle just like gold it is to make u better and not t weigh you down. Whatever the form of challenge or the problem you are facing presently, always believe that you can overcome.

Obstacles should be seen as a stepping stone to greatness or all great men faced challenges. So as you are facing one now, remember that it is an important aspect of your journey to greatness.
Do  have a wonderful week

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